Boxes change automation

Automation of boxes filling for plastics mold press. The system allows to perform the function of accumulation of empty boxes for different number of productive hours. Once the right quantity of material is reached, the box is automatically changed.

It can be used with various kinds of industrial machines.

It is built in different sizes according to customer requirements.




Machine for handling bags, with their opening and sending to the production lines

This is a system for handling big-bags, to open and send them to the production lines.





Automatic welder




Some coil unwinding /winding machines  made for our customers.




Counterweight column


The column is a counterweighted vertical sliding equipment, capable of servo assist the lifting of the component fixed on the sliding part.


Its self-supporting structure made of stainless steel, as well as the possibility to combine and synchronize multiple units, makes it very suitable for production lines covering, machines and weights handling.


Its simple design and smooth steel surfaces, makes it particularly suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Even when the moving part is out, the roller chain, which supports the counterweight, remains invisible and well protected as required by the current normative.


A fall protection system against the possible breaking of the chain that supports the counterweight, makes the system extremely safe. Large drainage holes on the bottom prevent the accumulation of dust inside.



Counterweight column applications


a. Covers



b. Weights Handling: loading-unloading tablets


The operator comes close to the telescopic column with a trolley containing the hopper, its cover, the valve and all the necessary bearings. Without raising the components from the trolley, the operator install the system to the support arm, using no specific equipment. Removing the block that stops the telescopic column in a low position, the operator brings up the hopper which, at this point, it’s "weightless". Once the right height is reached, the arm can be rotated and then locked in the desired position.