Beverage Sector

Stress Cracking Machine

The “Stress Cracking” testing machine was specifically designed to test the quality of PET bottles, using destructive tests according to UNI 11127/2004.


The purpose is to determine the quality of PET bottles and in particular the tendency to develop cracks on the bottom and the outbreak of the same after the capping. It is applied to bottles designed to contain water or carbonated beverages with carbon dioxide concentration equal to or greater than 3.0 volumes.

The internal memory of the machine allows to manage up to 16 types of bottle sizes. The machine consists essentially of a "fixed structure" and a "moving block" which translates vertically. The empty bottles are housed in the "movable block" in the slots. It is possible also to have the machine with automatic loading of the solution.

The machine is controlled by PLC.



Double Feeder

The double feeder was designed the move the cans’ covers to the lines. The machine consists essentially of a series of mobile loaders which rotate around a fixed structure by a chain transmission.  The introduction of the caps’ packages can be made in a single predetermined area. The whole machine is controlled by PLC. We can also design its whole caps handling line.




Capsules transportation line

The line has been made for the automatic vacuum carriage of capsules (caps for PET bottles). May be composed of one or more separate units for the collection of Octabin containers from which depart the pipes carrying the caps. It may consists of one or more different units for the collection of Octabin containers, from which start the carriage pipes.




Lateral handling with encoder


Cutting device for bottles through electrically heated wire, manually adjustable