Thanks to the know-how, the skills and expertise of its engineers and technicians, the punctuality of action and the quality of relationships that the staff has been able to establish over the years with customers, the company has succeeded in achieving excellent results in the areas where it operates.

It started working relationships with the University of L'Aquila and especially with the Mechanical Engineering Faculty, proposing internships and thesis aimed to investigate specific aspects of different issues, creating links between universities and the world of work.

We operate in various Areas: Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Food industry, Packaging, Diapers and Sanitary napkins production, Flue Pipes production, Conveyor Belts, Plastics Molding.

Our main references are:

Coca Cola HBC Italia
Coca Cola HBC Austria
Coca Cola HBC Greece
Coca Cola HBC Ireland

Gran Guizza Spa

San Benedetto Spa

Campari Crodo Spa

Spumador Spa

Krones Spa






Sanofi Aventis Spa

Kimberly Clark Spa

Alfa Wassermann Spa

De Cecco Spa

Del Verde Spa


Birra Peroni Srl

Emsar Spa


Chiorino Spa

Vibac Group Spa

Megadyne Spa


Rexam Spa

Beta utensili Spa

Magneti Marelli Suspension Systems Spa

Pantex International Srl

Gruppo Sacif Srl





Tecnometal Srl

Piemme Srl

Taiprora Srl

 MaBelt Srl

 F.I.M. Trasmissioni

Euroteck Srl        

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