The success of the business is due to the ability to identify the consumer’s needs and to design and manufacture products that meet those needs quickly and affordably.

To achieve these goals PQL Meccanica, has developed an internal efficient Engineering Department, which carefully follows every step necessary to the development of the project. We succeed in reducing both the time to market, the time necessary to launch a new product, and the time to customer, giving a more quick answer to customer’s requests with targeted and innovative products.

The reduction of the product development cycle is vital for our company, not only to reduce costs, but mostly to ensure our survival on the market.

Our technical training has been mainly linked to the continuous work with the Production, which has often led to a series of design changes, due to high production costs, tight tolerances or incompatibility of the product with the available manufacturing technologies. This is the application of the concurrent engineering, which consist of the continuous sharing of the informations, by combining both the technical and scientific knowledge and the skills based on the experience of previous products and processes, to find the best solutions to make the most economic and efficient production.

Our offer:

  • Design and consulting

  • Manuals

  • Certifications

  • 3D CAD Modeling